“When Women come together, beautiful things happen”

Beautiful is when the perfect opportunity meets with God’s perfect timing!

– Christel-Ann Rautenbach

”  Success is not only about what you achieve in life, it’s about what you inspire others to do!   “

About Me

I am Christel-Ann Rautenbach. Born and raised in the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia. I am the middle child of two sisters. I am happily married to Alvin Rautenbach, and together we have two amazing daughters. I have an innate ability to connect with people – whether an individual person or a room full of conference attendees. My passion for women translated into various successful businesses with devoted followers, in the Beauty, Photography industry and now as a renowned Image Consultant.

All things women have always been fascinating from a very young age. I remember how I loved to do my make-up with ‘Tinkerbell’ eyeshadow that lasted for only 5 minutes and Barbie Nail polish that pulled off like lastik.

As an Image Consultant, I aspire to remind woman who they truly are and how they can confidently appreciate their outer appearance.  I am a firm believer that when you love yourself and see yourself in a positive light, you have confidence that is immovable! My aim with every consultation is to make you present your best self. Loving yourself, how you look and how you see yourself is a language all women speak, and I am here to make you see your inner and outer beauty.

I’ve always been about empowering women to increase their confidence and help them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Much more than an Image Consultant, I journey with my clients, coaching them on how to build themselves inwardly, focusing on identity, working on body language, first impression and aristocratic etiquette.

With the analysis from a consultation, when you reflect back you will view yourself different and love yourself holistically. Women discover their unique Image through styling, colour consultations, body shape analysis, and personal shopping.


What I do

- Online & In-Person -

All services listed below are available for online clients. Meet me on Zoom for an online consultation.

Life is more complicated than being your true self and others seeing you for that true self!

Do you feel uncomfortable in the clothes you wear?

Do you know what colors make you look radiant?

Do you know your Personal style?

Do you ever feel like your wardrobe isn’t doing it for you anymore?

I am here to guide you along your unique journey of self-discovery, not only outward but inward too.


Color Analysis

A Color analysis a method of determining the colours of clothing and makeup that harmonise with a person’s skin complexion, eye colour, and hair colour.

Wearing the wrong colors will draw attention to certain flaws in your face namely wrinkles or uneven skin tone

Wearing harmonious colors will enhance your natural beauty making blemishes appear healthy giving you a fresh-faced look.

During the Color analysis we will:

  • Determine your Overtone.
  • Determine your Undertone.
  • Look at the Color groups and flow and conclude on the group you fall into.
  • Learn about your Color personality

With this consultation:

You will know what colors enhance your natural beauty and what colors to completely avoid.


Style Analysis


Style is part of you. It’s how you show others who you are and who you want to be, through what you wear and how you wear it. Think of it as adding colour to your attitude, choices, preferences and general taste.

The beauty of your style is that it’s your choice!

Knowing your style personality is not about always being “dressed to kill”. It’s about making style choices that:

  • Are easy to maintain consistently
  • Work with your body shape
  • Suits the practical needs of your lifestyle
  • Make you feel confident and comfortable

During this consultation, you will learn:

  • How to co-ordinate your existing wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations without buying more clothes.
  • How to dress for work, social events and formal events. (as we sometime fail to separate them)
  • What to wear to perfectly complement your body shape.
  • Learn about your Style personality.

Closet Refashioning

Do you ever look inside your closet and feel like you have “nothing to wear,” despite having rows of clothing hanging there?

If you have that “so many clothes but nothing to wear” feeling, it might be time for a wardrobe consultation.

Once you know your body shape, assets and challenges, you are ready to critique your current closet. Some may be able to go through their closets themselves, and others might need some guidance from a Stylist.

Benefits from a Closet refashioning includes:

  • Creating the image you want to present
  • Have a wardrobe you love to wear
  • Knowing what to wear
  • Learning how to pair what you have together to create “new looks”
These consultations take place in the comfort of your home, making access to your wardrobe possible.

During this consultation:

We go through your wardrobe

We see how we can create new looks with your existing clothing items and accessories.


Shopping with you

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping!

More and more people are hiring personal shoppers with there being so many clothing options available and with the risk of spending money on the wrong clothing for their body shape.

  • Do you need new items for your new work?
  • Do you need new staples for the new season?

I suggest new items that you can combine with what you already have.

During this consultation you will learn:

Where to shop for your Personal Color & Style

How to shop for your Body Shape


Make-Over Package

Give yourself a complete makeover that will make you feel amazing!

You have heard about it, and you are ready to change your confidence level in a day!

During this make-over I will take into consideration your lifestyle, occupation and understand your personality. Make-overs are personal and I take the impact it has to heart.

This Make-Over Package includes The Colour & Style Consultation, the Wardrobe guide and assistance, Shopping with you and the Basic Makeup lesson as well as the Pocket Stylist APP.


Basic Make-up Lesson

There are many makeup tutorials out there, but sometimes you just need someone to sit with you and help with technique or give advice on products and how to apply it. 

With this Basic Makeup Lesson, we will have a look at the makeup you use and I will guide you in using it to create a basic day look which can be turned into an evening look.

 I will also give advice on where to get make-up products.


Workshops / Speaker at Women’s events

Workshops can be customized according to the event and the budget available. Workshops can include formal events with more intense training and learning. It can also involve informal talks at a Ladies event, Bridal shower, Birthday parties ect.

I am passionate about empowering women through skills training, as well as encouraging women through the bringing of an inspiring message. It would be my honour to bring these encouraging messages at a small meeting of Women or amongst larger crowds.

Please contact me at hello@pursuingtruebeauty.com  to discuss your ideas and needs for a workshop or event.

What they are saying

After I went for my colour analysis with Christel-Ann; I now see myself and colours with a new eye ☺ Stepping out to buy new clothes just got way easier as I know now exactly what colour and style to look for ….Meaning more confidence and less stress 💕 forever grateful for this opportunity given by Christell Ann


Beaulah Neyoma

The body and color analysis was really an eye opener! I realized I need to also move away from the consistency of only buying white and black clothing and acknowledge other colors suit me too.

Lizan Cloete

My experience during my Shopping with Christel-Ann was very exciting! she made me feel good in my own skin and brought back a sense of self confidence. through this experience I learnt that it is fun to buy things that fit you perfectly and complement your body shape.

Stella Davids

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events:

2nd Annual I AM Women’s Conference
19th August 2023
Details to follow

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